When you’re in need of quick turnaround laser cutting services throughout Australia, contact Australian Laser Cut! 

Based in Melbourne, we offer a full range of laser cutting, etching and finishing services to suit any project.

With years of experience in drafting to assist you in getting the designs you want without compromise.

Our services include laser cutting, engraving, drafting/designing, finishing as well as a other services such as 3D printing.


We work with most laser cuttable materials, are adaptable, transparent, and will be mindful of particular budgets and cost restraints. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will ensure you understand the process from start to finish and can assist in getting you the best outcome every step of the way. 

We always put you first and will never under quote or provide you with unrealistic timelines just to get a job.


Whether it is aluminium, steel, MDF, timber, acrylic, felt, fabrics or paper, Australian Laser Cut is the perfect solution for your next project or idea.

We have experience on delivering large scale projects with a high level of client satisfaction. We not only offer laser cutting and finishing services but also 3D printing, electronic design and manufacture, CAD drafting and project management to provide a wide variety of solutions to suit most projects large or small.


The newest machine in Australian Laser Cut’s line up is a 3000W fiber laser brought on board to deliver exceptional precision and efficiency in metal fabrication. 

With its 3000W laser, this technology ensures fast and precise cutting of materials such as steel, aluminum, and various alloys. 

The laser’s concentrated heat minimizes heat-affected zones, resulting in clean and accurate cuts, making Australian Laser Cut a top choice for intricate and high-quality designs.

  • 1300x1300mm bed size
  • 3000W fiber laser source
  • Positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm

The original workhorse of our laser cutting machines is the 150W CO2 laser cutter.  It provides clean and precise cuts on materials such as acrylic, wood, paper, fabrics and more.

This machine has a maximum working width of 1300mm but with it’s feed through function, material can be continuously cut at almost any length.

Additionally, our vector and raster engraving capability allows us to add textures, logos, or intricate patterns to the surface of  selected materials including glass and anaodised aluminium. 

  • 1300x900mm bed size
  • 150W laser tube
  • Positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm
  • Feed through at the back and front of the machine to allow for full sized 2400 x 1200 sheets
  • Roll feed fabric and paper cutting


We cut and etch a large variety of materials but what would i need lasser cut?  We’ve listed some everyday uses below to help give some inspiration.

Aluminium/Steel – Decorative screens, brackets, car parts, work benches, signage, back splash, art work

Acrylic – Shop and exhibition stand construction, architectural model construction, displays, POS materials, outdoor and indoor signs, acrylic trophies, jewellery, toys

Wood/MDF – Architectural model construction, displays, POS materials, toys, educational equipment, wooden decorations

Leather – Wallets, belts, handbags and accessories, jewellery, clothing, promotional items, crafts

Paper/Cardboard – Invitations, letters, cards, crafts, custom packaging, packaging inserts

Metal etching – POS materials, outdoor and indoor signs, foil stickers, metal plates

Ceramic and glass etching – Branding, logo etching, craft

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